"You can never mess up with Art! It's always beautiful in it's own unique way!"
Founder, Art It Out

discover Yourself

Discover yourself like never before by exploring your creative side.

Pick a Card !

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Lighten up

White heals your body as a whole, clearing toxicity and assisting with purification. White brings the faith that you are completely loved, taken care of and supported.

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Experience peace and calm

Aqua dissolves your fears to increase your confidence and belief in yourself. Spend some time relaxing and focusing on your inner stillness.

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Take action

Jade is a colour of serenity, tranquillity, love and nurturing. It creates balance, harmony and self-sufficiency, releasing all negativity. Let go of any excuses, whatever you have been putting off, JUST DO IT!

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Awaken your creativity

It generates deeper bonds in relationships and teaches you how to give and receive affection. Warmth, courage and spontaneity are among Amber’s gifts.

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Calm your mind, body and soul

Emerald helps with overcoming fears, releasing frustration and providing calmness. Use this colour to bring harmony in challenging situations, dissolve aggression and mend a broken heart.

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Be persistent

Silver brings serenity and expands awareness. Strengthen your intention and focus on what you would like to achieve or experience.

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Attract success

Scarlet is the colour of passion, success and vitality that is known for its power, strength and dynamism. Realise your dreams with the power of Scarlet.

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Connect to your deepest inner knowing

Magenta is the colour of your deepest inner knowing inspiring truth, clarity and faith. Magenta also boosts enthusiasm, connecting you to the higher realm of spirituality and assisting with your journey of self-discovery.

what is art it out?

Art it out is an initiative for life-coaching through art therapy. We believe that talking about some things isn’t easy. Art It Out provides a creative outlet to cope with stress & anxiety in our everyday lives. It offers a mode of self-discovery to foster happiness & emotional resilience.

Art It Out is an Art Therapy Workshop Service Which facilitates unlocking the untapped power of your subconscious mind to release the inner stress, process emotions better and find clarity and meaning in everyday life. 

We host workshops in different cities to share this concept with as many interested individuals as possible.

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and colouring to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. 

The goal of art therapy is to utilise the creative processes to help people explore self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight and increase their happiness level!

Why Choose Us

We Offer the best Stress Management Workshops based on             Art Therapy Sessions. 

What You Get

The benefits of art therapy are numerous and one has to experience to know what wonders it can do.

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why try art therapy

Heal & Relieve

Heal mind, body and spirit by relieving tension, anxiety, fear and worry


Repressed Feelings and Emotions


Freely express feelings in a                      non-threatening way


Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


Focus, Patience, Inner Peace and           Well-Being


 Better With Oneself as well as Others

Better Sleep

Experience Sound Sleep and Relaxing Routines 

It's Always Fun!

Do it just for the Love Of Art

It Stays Forever

You Can Keep Using it Always!

Book A Workshop

Art It Out offers workshops for individuals, small groups , large groups and corporate workshops.

a glimpse at our workshops

Check Out The Happy Memories and Exciting Moments Of Our Workshops,

Attended one of the Art It Out Workshops? Try To Find Your Photo here. 

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